About Us


Started in the year 2006 as a NON-GOVERNMENT ORGANISATION, SAI SWAYAM SOCIETY aims at empowering Speech and Hearing Impaired (SHI) individuals all over the country to take a stand for themselves in the society. We help SHI individuals make lasting improvement to realize their placements through targeted teaching and skill development.
We have our centers at Delhi, Ahmedabad, Vadodra, Mumbai, Jaipur & Panchkula

Every person on Earth in terms of health is NOT blessed with what is required to spend a comfortable life and one person or the other may be suffering from physical impairment. SHI individuals constitute a large part out of these physically impaired persons. We at SAI SWAYAM SOCIETY work with the idea of instilling a sense of independence in them with a firm belief that they are capable of everything that a hearing person is, through training, counseling and placement support. We aim to create more inclusive environment for the differently-abled community focussing on Deaf and Dumb strata. With this idea, we wish to spread the knowledge of Indian Sign Language (ISL) among masses.


The lack of proper education system for the SHI individuals and communication barriers cripple them in various fields of life. SAI SWAYAM SOCIETY sees and work towards the benefit of the deaf community through the eyes of our Founder, CEO and mentor who has grown up within it. We work towards creating an inclusive society by removing Attitudinal, Communication and Opportunities Barriers. Focusing on training and placements help us to create more and more employed deaf individuals, who now serve as ROLE MODELS to both deaf and hearing people.
Ø The following Training-Placement module helps us to lay down the ways to empower the deaf community:
· Coaching for class XI and XII to help students complete their schooling successfully
· Coaching for B.Com and B.A. to increase the number of SHI graduates
· Basic English and Basic Mathematics classes for persons of age group- 14 to 38 years
· Helping students to get a command on MICROSOFT WORD
· Making the students self-sufficient to surf the INTERNET
· Competitive coaching for Government Exams(SSC, DSSB, Banks)
· Hospitality training exclusively designed for PWDs
· Retail training as per the employers need
· Handicrafts
· Increasing the efficiency in jewel designing
· Mobile repairing
· Beauty and wellness
· Tailoring and stitching
· Fitter
· Computer Management
· Personality Development and Soft Skills

The list goes on.

· We try to locate more job opportunities by using the technique of Job Mapping in different fields such as Hospitality, Retail, IT and Creative Designing Computer Management knowledge.

· Convincing companies about the merits of hiring PWD’s individuals and proving their qualities to them.

· Interviews are organized for companies and sign language interpreter support is provided to let the process go smoothly.

· Giving support to the company through counseling sessions as long as the PWD candidate works there. Counseling and Interpreter support is a continuous process for us since we believe in high retention.