Our Founder


“I believe that every individual has equal talent but they need a medium to completely unleash their potential and to show them the right path. Sai Swayam Society is only an instrument to make every deaf individual empowered!”

Born to speech and hearing impaired parents, sign language became Meera’s first language and through her parents’ struggle she understood the plight of every SHI person as closely as possible, almost living with their problems and hoping for their joys. Her father, Mr. Suraj Prakash Kanchanbaras is the treasurer of the All India Federation for Deaf and was the captain of the National cricket team of Deaf for 10 years. Late Mrs. Mohini Kanchanbaras, her mother worked at the Women’s Deaf Association and taught young girls various courses and counseled them to lead independent lives. With her parents by her side, Meera did not need to look for motivation around.

Meera began working as a sign language interpreter at the mere age of 16 years and since then never looked back. A software engineer by education and a Computer Science teacher at Modern School, Barakhamba Delhi by profession, she quit her job and changed her field when the limitations of her life allowed. She started teaching deaf students for class XI and XII but soon realized that lack of job opportunities and placement centric training were the major road blocks.

So, Meera started the Sai Swayam Society in the year 2006 to address all the issues faced by the speech and hearing impaired community and work to create an equal society. She is the Founder and General Secretary of the organization.


Meera acts as the bridge between the hearing world and the speech and hearing impaired world; she is their voice!

Meera Bhatia was awarded the National Award for Empowerment of Person with Disability in the year 2014.
She won the Hellen Keller Award by the N in 2010 for her extraordinary efforts for the employment of disabled individuals. She was among the 6 honored people who were given this prestigious award.


That’s not all! You might have seen her on the television too.

She has been working as a news reader for the hearing impaired at DD news for the past 20 years now! The revolutionary sign language interpretation of the Republic Day Parade and the Oath taking ceremony of the Prime Minister in 2014 were both done by Meera which makes her an important figure for the deaf community.

Meera is the spinal cord of Sai Swayam Society. Her vision and hard work has made SSS what it is today. She forms an integral part of this organization, giving it the much required direction and strength.