Curriculum Development

Our organization’s goal is to work on the righteous development of SHI individuals. Having a disability can be one of the most marginalizing facets of a child’s life. In education, finding ways to fulfill the learning needs of students with disabilities can be struggling, particularly in schools, districts, regions, with severely insufficient resources. But we have our curriculum development service which not only educates them but also makes sure that a child is developed in all aspects of life. Children with disabilities attend ordinary schools but follow a specific curriculum designed by our experts to make them all arounder. To live fulfilled and completely empowered lives, we have our services of curriculum development which includes  : – 

  • Personality Development- a pattern of the ideas, emotions, and attitudes that differentiate individuals from each other.  
  • Workshops related to Medical and Hygiene- to make aware every SHI how important healthful living is important. 
  • Providing mental and emotional support- assisting them both mentally and emotionally and be a determination at every step. 
  • Engaging in nature-friendly attempts like protecting a garden- to make them know about nature and why we should conserve it. 
  • Infusing environment-friendliness in the children.

All these activities are taught to them to get them developed in each aspect of their lives and make their life easy. We have our curriculum development plan and procedure which helps SHI individuals to catch and learn things faster. We take care of every SHI individual and help them in their every step. 

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