Employer Sensitization

People with speech and hearing challenges could encounter various challenges comprising obstacles working with a team of people who may all have distinct attitudes. They may find it difficult to manage their feelings and communicate with others. They may have hardship dealing with the executive, particularly if the manager’s leadership method doesn’t suit them. To solve this problem, we provide employer sensitization. In our employer section, there is some Percentage of employees who are not speech and hearing Impaired and it is very difficult to provide interpreter services at every step to people who are not a part of the SHI group. Most employers have neither the awareness nor the confidence required to deal with SHI Individuals. We conduct proper training and induction of the employee who is Physically challenged on a digital model in which we convert the sign language to pass information easily. All this is done to make a good flow of communication between non-SHI individuals and SHI individuals. Also, regular workshops for all employees are held to teach them about sign language and to make their life very easy. 

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