Interpreter Services

Interpretation refers to the exchange of messages through sign language or some other comparable communication method. The interpretation always involves three partiesOur interpreter which contains the interpretation of speech orally into sign language supports employers for their pre and post-placement process, SHI individuals, Police, Courts, etc. Language interpreters help persons who are deaf and English learners who have limited English proficiency (LEP) equal access to communication, thus avoiding linguistic isolation. The interpreter service for the disabled aims to promote the chances of persons with hearing impairment, vision and hearing impairment, or speech impairment to be active members of society on comparable terms with others. The interpreter service is planned for persons who due to their disability need interpreting. Our interpreter assistance helps SHI individuals  

  • Performing their work  
  • Dealing with Personal Matters,  
  • Participation in society equally without any disturbance in communication.  
  • Making them more productive in their hobbies or passions. 
  • Helping them in placements and clearing interviews, tests, and various areas where communication can be a hurdle. 

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