The main objective of Swayam society is to focus on the overall development of the SHI children in the aspect of skill training and job placements. Our improvement begins by giving best-targeted skill advancement, adequate training in all aspects, educational aid comprising placement to PwDs so that it creates a better place for the forthcoming Deaf generations and they can get self-sufficient jobs and live their life with confidence. All this training we provide is to facilitate SHI’s employability and make them feel secure and empowered. We train Deaf individuals in hospitality, retail, IT, beauty, and wellness fields and then place them in jobs across the country. Skill training complies with NSDC norms.

We want to make it understand that one can protect himself and can participate productively in the workings of the world plants seeds of such resilience in an individual that all future obstacles are handled with confidence and belief. It is therefore very important that the members of the SHI community feel such empowerment in their nerves and we make this possible by helping them in every aspect of life. Our main objective is to focus on:-

  • Delivering skill development facilities and training to the SHI community is done by teaching proper sign language.
  • Help students by providing educational aid to speech and hearing-impaired children.
  • Providing Placement of PwDs in getting their independent jobs.
  • Spreading awareness about sign language and why it is very important including skill training and job placements
  • Making them believe in themselves and who they are.

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