Remedial Education

Sai Swayam Society has constantly worked on empowerment of the PwDs through education based initiatives. In the initial years, the focus was on remedial class and tuition support to High school students. Myriad informal interventions were then consolidated in 2018 with targeted initiatives. Sai Swayam Society School was thus formed where over 100 students have benefited from the free schooling and quality education pedagogy by now. Many of them have passed Class 10th and 12th through SSS assisted Open Examinations. Moreover, in partnership with the Department of Social Welfare, along with a funding partner, in roads were made into primary education and teacher empowerment at the Deaf school, Rohini which has over 200 students.

One of the prominent initiatives of Sai Swayam Society has been its “Super 30 Program”in 2019-20 for drop out students. This was a special project for youth with disability who had to drop out of school due to socio-economic constraints and was then facing challenges in finding gainful employment due to low educational qualifications. By providing free remedial educational support for a year, Sai Swayam Society achieved a feat of 100% success rate at the NIOS Examinations for Class 10th and 12th. This gave a massive boost to the employment opportunities and career trajectory of these persons with disability.

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