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To empower the Speech and Hearing Impaired community in all domains Sai Swayam Society started as an Organisation in 2006 with great energy and enthusiasm of its founder, Mrs. Meera C. Bhatia. The Sai Swayam Society is devoted to enhancing the lives of India’s Physically challenged group, with a particular focus on women, children, and youngsters. The organisation also endeavors to spread the knowledge and need of the use of Indian Sign Language.


To empower the Speech and Hearing Impaired community in all domains Sai Swayam Society started as an Organisation in 2006 with great energy and enthusiasm of its founder, Mrs. Meera C. Bhatia. The Sai Swayam Society is devoted to enhancing the lives of India’s Physically challenged group, with a particular focus on women, children, and youngsters. And to satisfy this SSS provides high-impact interventions in the education(through sign language), training, skill development and livelihoods of SHI groups 



Sai Swayam society is committed to its work towards enriching the quality of life and facilitating equal opportunities for people for the Speech and Hearing Impaired community. SSS is an institution that is invariably ready to support SHI children experiencing challenges in all facets of life rather than speaking and hearing. Our vision is based on "Service Before Self” and believing in the power of social transformation. We establish an atmosphere of a large family reunion so that we can motivate exchange, share, discuss, understand, and provide emotional strengthening in the SHI community. Making them believe in themselves by accepting who they are and that they should learn to love themselves just the way they choose. Our vision is to empower our children concerning livelihood, daily lives, education, and family attached with the individual. We improve the daily skills of our children so that they can impart technical capabilities and capacities and become more independent. By making them think positively about their lives and giving them proper training that we help them to improve their quality of life. We are continuously working to carve proficiency and build alternatives for people with disabilities and other diverse groups that facilitate them to have equivalent access to competitive sustainable livelihoods for their economic achievement. We seek to improve daily living skills so that these children can impart technical capabilities and capacities.

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To live fulfilled and completely empowered lives, we have our services of curriculum development which includes: –  

  • Personality Development- a pattern of the ideas, emotions, and attitudes that differentiate individuals from each other.  
  • Workshops related to Medical and Hygiene- to make aware every SHI how important healthful living is important. 
  • Providing mental and emotional support- assisting them both mentally and emotionally and be a determination at every step. 
  • Engaging in nature-friendly attempts like protecting a garden- to make them know about nature and why we should conserve it. Infusing environment-friendliness in the children.

Our Values

In its essence, the organisation stands for equality: a very basic value of facilitating equal treatment to every individual. Knowing that the SHI community has faced stigma for years, the journey of achieving equality would be tenuous and full of hurdles, but our organisation and our Founder not only believed but also exercised the aptly said quotation that the journey of a thousand miles begins but with a single step. Systematic planning, negotiating with partners to collaborate, constant coaching and counseling, emotional, mental, and temporal investment, all of this to plant the seeds of a more egalitarian and inclusive society for the SHI community.
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Scale of impact-
Placement of over 10,500 SHI students from locations all across India ranging from Jammu to Chennai and Jamnagar to Shillong has created an all India impact. It also implies sensitization of staff members of all the employers/organizations. From a small one room organization SSS now has training centres in 9 cities across India.
Empanelment with the state-
SSS is an empaneled Skill Training Partner with the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (MSJE) since 2016 under the National Action Plan. This also allows trainees to appear for NSDC examination and hence received a state certified certification for the training received at SSS, adding nation wide credibility and security.
Sustainability of program -
The fact that most of our partner employers set up a system of continuous hiring of EwDs (Employees with Disabilities) is a testimony of the quality of employees, high retention of employees and the economic feasibility as well as sustainability of the program. A retention of over 80% of SSS trainees in job showcases the effectiveness of the program.
Employer involvement-
The success of the PwD employment program led to the employers taking onus of forwarding this cause and going beyond the basic needs. A case in point can be Lemon Tree Hotels, Vishal Mega Mart and Shoppers Stop who partnered with SSS to convert all their training content for their potential EwDs in ISL to ensure self sustenance of recruitment. Further, LTH and SS got ISL Training and Certification courses designed for all their hearing staff members in different locations by SSS to ensure seamless communication between the hearing and deaf staff.
Diversity of job roles -
The first stints with employment of PwDs(Persons with Disabilities) in the private sector began somewhere in 2008 in Café Coffee Day. From then, SSS has been a spear header in not just increasing the number of EwDs but more importantly in evolving the job roles offered to them. While it began with Food & Beverages section of restaurants, as of 2018 PwDs join job roles such as Customer Service Associates, Data Entry Operators and Kitchen Stewarding In charge. Some recent additions are mobile operator and beauty and wellness experts.
Implementation of key government schemes -
In the recent years the government recognised the importance of skill training and employment of PwDs and hence launched various schemes with ambitious targets. SSS proudly partnered with the state to implement schemes such as Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana, National Urban Livelihood Mission, SIPDA (Scheme for Implementation of Persons with Disabilities Act), Sector Skill Council for PwD.
Public Sensitization -
The biggest challenge face by SHI individuals is that of communication barrier. Sign Language is the only medium to bridge this. Hence, SSS regularly organizes Basic ISL Sessions for general public, high school students and local doctors. Triggered by cases of legal injustice to SHI people due to communication barrier, some of the key endeavours of SSS were sessions for the Delhi Police and advocate, lawyers of the District Courts of Delhi.

Our Work 

By teaching about the importance of sign language we help deaf students to complete their schooling and fulfill the gap of communication. Our Remedial Education service will help struggling learners shore up their basic skills and make them more confident in their life. This extra support can help them catch up to their peers and the pressures of studies.  

We provide the following remedial services :   

  • We provide Coaching for classes X and XII that support students to complete their schooling without any difficulties. 
  • To increase SHI graduates we also provide coaching for various undergraduate courses like B. Com. and B.A. 
  • Basic English and Basic Mathematics classes for persons between the age group of 14-38 years to help facilitate day-to-day activities. 
  • Helping students to get a command on Microsoft Word and easily access and use the internet. 
  • Coaching for Competitive Government Exams (SSC, DSSSB, Banks) 
  • Training for employment in the Retail Industry. 
  • Personality development. 

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