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SSS recognises that creating employment opportunities for the differently abled is vital to helping them earn dignified livelihoods, realise their full potential, and contribute to the development of self and society. This led to a 15+ years long process of skill training and development along with livelihood generation and job placement of PwDs. In this endeavours, about 19,000 PwDs have received vocational training of various types and at different levels while 14,000 PwDs were led on the path of sustainable employment. This milestone is well reflected in the conferment of the National Award as the Best Placement Officer for PwDs in 2014 by the President of India to the Founder-CEO of Sai Swayam Society.

Skill Training Programmes have been implemented in sync with various modules such as PMKVY, NSDC, NSQF levels, NULM, TRRAIN Pankh Program, SIPDA. In this way, Sai Swayam Society represents a powerful example of civil society organisation – government of India collaboration for the social empowerment of marginalised communities such as PwDs.

Various industries have been focused upon such as Retail, Hospitality, IT Basic, IT Advance, Beauty & Wellness, Teaching & Hydroponic technology. This provides candidates with multiple options so as to ultimately choose a field which brings together both the aptitude & interest of the person. Thereby, upholding the autonomy of the individuals & taking a choice and rights  approach instead of a charity and compulsion route.

Further, so as to bridge the chasm between employers and potential employees, Sai Swayam Society has organised about 63 Job Fairs for PwDs in collaboration with Vocational Rehabilitation Centres (VRC) { Delhi, Bombay, Faridabad, Kanpur, Jaipur, Bardhaman, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Alwar, Dungarpur, Jhalore, Barmier, Guwahati, Ambala, Chandigarh, Barnala, Ahmedabad}.

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